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Window Screening

Image of screen door before and after repair: See how unattractive and uninviting it seems before repair. The aim of the windows screen is to keep insects and bugs out not turn house guests away.

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Porch Enclosures

Many homes after Irma were hit and suffered damage in many areas of the house including Screen Doors, Windows and Pool Enclosures. Screen doors are a great way of preventing pesky insects from entering a home and keeping the house bug/mosquito free and attractive to home owner and potential buyers.

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Pool Enclosures

Image of pool enclosure being repaired: Pools can become an inviting place to animals such as lizards, snakes, and frogs as well as disease carrying mosquitoes. A very important repair for an attractive and healthy pool.

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Screen Doors

A great patio door that gives for a great view to your yard and a great way to allow natural lighting into your home. If you are having issues with your sliding door and need help with repair and installation give us a call.

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Our Services

We offer screen repair, removal, and re-screening for windows, doors, pool enclosures, porches, and more!
We offer a variety of screens to choose from to fir a variety of situations.

Pool & Patio Screens

Pool mesh

The Pool & Patio screen is a heavier screening fabric deigned for use in large areas such as pool enclosures, screened-in patios and porches. Pool & Patio screen has a protective UV stable coating to ensure long lasting color and flexibility. The screen will not stretch or shrink even under extreme temperatures.

Sun Guard Solar Screens

Sun Mesh

The Sun Guard solar screen can help to control the damaging effects of the sun. By installing Sun Guard solar screen, you can conserve energy, lower the cost of air conditioning bills by keeping rooms cooler and also curtail the fading of carpets, drapes and upholstery.

Pet Resistant Screens

pet mesh

Designed to resists damage, the Pet Resistant polyester screen is ideal for those who repeatedly have to replace screens. The heavy duty mesh prevents tears and damage caused by household pets, yet still allows for excellent outward visibility and airflow. Out Pet Screen is also the only flame resistant pet screen on the market!

More than just screens!

Metal Cover Enclosures

With these metal cover enclosures you can have the peace of mind that your property wont be overcome with small animals or rodents which is perfect for keeping those unwanted guests away. These covers will keep out any animals that might otherwise try to rip through your patio/pool screens and try to get into your properties. We also offer protective covers to add another layer of safety if you so please.

Laminated Screening

Screen Glass is used ton the lower sections of pool & patio enclosures to keep patio ares clean. keeps out water, dirt, etc, Also used to create privacy in desired areas.

Power Washing

We also work on sliding doors! Should you need help with repairs we will be right there to help you repair or replace them! We’ll help you with broken glass repair and wheel and track replacements as well.

Sliding Door Repair

We also work on sliding doors! Should you need help with repairs we will be right there to help you repair or replace them! We’ll help you with broken glass repair and wheel and track replacements as well.


Re Screening

Pool Enclosure

Here you can see work being done on a large pool enclosure, you can see images of the progress of the job from all sides as well.

Screen Installations

Apartment Screens

Here we go to an apartment building to install screen doors and windows. A great way of adding some more value to a property allowing people to spend time outside or enjoy the weather outside bug free.

Re Screening

Patio Enclosure

Here is work on a screened patio. Screen are a nice accent to a patio like this and new screens are a great way to enjoy the weather outside on your own terms.

Power Washing

Pool Enclosure Entrance

Before and after images after a power washing at the side entrance of a pool enclosure. Great for giving that entrance a new lease on life. The power washing has helped clear all the filth that has accumulated onto the door giving the area a clean and attractive look again.

Screen Installation

Sliding Screen Door installation

We can install screens in just about anything that needs it. Simply ask and we will try our best to service you. Here is a sliding door where we installed a sliding screen door as well to help keep pest outside.

Our 10 Commandments

If you need further reason to contact us for your window screen projects and needs, know that we:

1.We offer the best selections
2.We offer the best materials
3.Offer a fast response by phone and text
4.Offer very competitive prices compared to the competition
5.Will take the projects others will not
6.Are available to work Sundays
7.We also offer free estimates by text as well for your convenience.
8.Are experienced in repairs
9.Respect you and your time!
10.Work with home owners and business owners

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